The Correlation of Motivation and Self-Efficacy with Students’ Physical Examination Test Results of Midwifery Student

Ika Agustina


Midwifery student were lack of motivation and confidence. Though both of these were the most important thing to be possessed by the student of midwifery as the preparation for the exams because this midwifery student will become the health care employee especially women. This study aimed to analyze the correlation between motivation and self-efficacy with physical examination  test  result.  This  study  was  observational  analitic  study  using  cross-sectional approach.  The  sampel  was  34  3rd  grade  students  in  D  III  Midwivery  Department  on  STIKes Patria  Husada  Blitar,  using  total  sampling.  The  dependent  variable  was  the  physical examination test result, while the independent variables were motivation and self efficacy. The data  was  analyzed  using  multiple  linear  regression  model.  1)  There  were  positive  correlation and  statistically  significant  between  motivation  and  test  result  of  a  physical  examination (b=0.35;  CI  95%  0.043  s.d.  0.65;  p  =  0.027).  2)  There  were  positive  relationship  and statistically significant between self-efficacy and test result of a physical examination(b = 0.44, CI 95% 0.17 s.d. 0.71; p = 0.003). There were positive relationship and statistically significant correlation  between  motivation  and  self-efficacy  with  physical  examination  test  result. Motivation and self-efficacy can increase exam result.

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