The Correlation of Satisfaction of Birth Control Program by Contraception Injection with the Entgusiasm to be Acceptor in BPM Mustardiyah

Nurhidayah Nurhidayah, Emy Ismiaty
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The cause of drop out in using injection contraceptionn caused by the couple factor, want to
have more children, health factor and method of contraception that is the side effectand the cost.
Besides, another factors that influence the choosing of contraception variation is education level knowledge,
family prosperity, religion and support of husband and wife. Those factors will be influenced with
the success of birth control program. The goal of this research was to identify the correlation of
satificationof birth controlprogram by injection with the enthusiasm to be acceptor in BPM Mustardiyah
Manyaran, Banyakan Kabupaten Kediri. The research was correlational and used crossectional approach.
The variable of this research was the satification as independent variable and prosperity as
dependent variable. The population were all of Birth control acceptor as much as 108 respondents. The
sample 52 respondents by simple random sampling. The data analysis used chi quadrat. The result
showed that 34 mothers (65,4%) in category of satisfy, and 35 mothers (67,3 %) was enthusiasm to be
acceptor from. The analysis of the two variables showed that  value <  = 0,000 < 0,05 H¹ accepted,
means that there was correlation between birth controlsatisficationand enthusiasm to be acceptor in
BPM MustardiyahManyaran, Banyakan Kabupaten Kediri. It was suggested for midwife to increase
their knowledge to make their service better.

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DOI: 10.26699/jnk.v3i3.ART.p193-197


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