Overview of Housewife Knowledge, about HIV/AIDS Infection sign and symptoms in Haji Ungar Area RT.001/RW.III Tajung Ayun Sakti Village, Bukit Bestari Distric Tanjungpinang at 2014

Dewi Pusparianda, Dede Dwika Wamardhana
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The number HIV incident in Tanjungpinang keep rising in 2013, the rising of the incident
reach to 244 cases (the rising occurring to 42% in 2012). Some groups think the infection of HIV/AIDS
is obtained by prostitute, homosexual, and so on. The infection also obtained by housewife and children.
In early research, showed that 3 housewife didn’t know the signs and symptomps of the infection.
It’s a basic to do a research ”Overview of housewife knowledges about signs and symptomps infection of
HIV/AIDS in district Haji Ungar RT.001/RW.III Kelurahan Tanjung Ayun Sakti Kecamatan Bukit Bestari
Tanjungpinang”. The purpose of this research was to know the overview of housewife knowledge about
signs and symptomps of HIV/AIDS in district Haji Ungar RT. 001/RW. III Kelurahan Tanjung Ayun Sakti
Kecamatan Bukit Bestari Tanjungpinang. The study was done in 12 June 2014. The Number of samples
of this research was 30 housewives. The Sample technique in this research was randomize. The instrument
used in this research was questionaire. The result Obtained that the housewife knowledges in
districk Haji Ungar RT. 001/RW. III against the signs of the symptomps infection HIV/AIDS in district
Haji Ungar RT. 001/RW. III Kelurahan Tanjung Ayun Sakti Kecamatan Bukit Bestari was great (86%).
Housewife knowledges was great, maybe its because of good introduction about that problem. Level of
education, experience, or good socio-cultural towards it will make housewife can recognize the problems.
It was recommended that the housewife could get more knowledge and health expecially about
body resistance. Housewife also recommended to do health checking in public health services.

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